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Meet the Radmin Communication Server 3.0


Famatech International Corporation is very pleased to announce its newest product offering: a secure solution for real time corporate communication. Radmin Communication Server is also a secure enterprise instant messaging tool (EIM) for online conferencing, as well as a corporate multi-user text and voice chat for employees.

Moscow, Russia
28 September 2005

Famatech International Corporation announced the release of its newest software product - Radmin Communication Server 3.0

This is a multifunctional solution that delivers secure interaction within a company by employing diverse means of communication between various branches and departments of an enterprise. Radmin Communication Server 3.0 creates instant contact between employees, specialists and support personnel. It provides a rock solid, highly secure, absolutely private channel of communication for senior executives. It is the solution for urgent consultations or online conferences.

Make no mistake; many popular instant messengers open your corporate nets to security threats. Radmin Communication Server 3.0, on the other hand, was built from its core out with security as its highest priority. It is a much more secure, more controllable, intranet-based IM solution that improves business collaboration and eliminates comm-channel security risks.

Radmin Communication Server enables users to exchange messages by using either Text or Voice Chats.

Text Chat

Text Chat lets users exchange text messages in real time. The number of participants is unlimited, so it is possible to initiate enterprise-wide meetings, conferences and debates.

Right along with massively populated discussions, users can engage in private chats. Radmin Communication Server also makes it possible to invite other users to join an existing discussion. Text Chat provides a command syntax for advanced users.

Channels can be set up so they may be freely joined or so access is restricted with a password. A secure private chat between two users is a special feature of this advanced software.

Voice Chat

If users have a microphone and speakers (or a headset), they can use computers for personal and conference calls via Radmin Communication Server Voice Chat. Just like Text Chat mode, Voice Chat provides a common General Channel and multiple user-created private channels. Once connected, a user can immediately start speaking and be heard by all who are joined to the General Channel.

When creating a new channel, users can set passwords (user password and operator password) for the channel, as well as the channel type (general or conference). A conference channel is suitable for virtual meetings, discussions, briefings and other tasks of corporate and mobile users. Or one user can start a private voice conversation with another user.


Like other Famatech products, Radmin Communication Server was built from the core out with security as the highest priority. It offers the following premium security features:

  • Radmin Communication Server supports Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 user level security with NTLMv2.
  • For user authentication and session key setups a modified Diffie-Hellman exchange with a 2048 bit key size is used.
  • For data stream encryption Radmin Communication Server uses AES with a 256 bit key size.
  • An IP filter table lets you restrict access to specific IP addresses and networks. These make Radmin Communication Server one of the most secure enterprise instant messaging systems available anywhere.


The server part of the product as licensed for 50 connections costs only $175. The client part, which is installed on recipient PCs, is distributed for free. Additional access license packages for 50 users are only $125.

Detailed information on Radmin Communication Server 3.0 is available on the web-site or by phone +1 (866) 602-6412.

About Famatech

Famatech founded in 1999, is best known for its award-winning Remote Administrator (Radmin), the leading remote control software used on millions of desktops around the world. Famatech’s Remote Control Technology enables technicians to quickly provide an optimal network management, remote support and helpdesk services. Famatech has broadened its interests to include collaboration tools, which combine several solutions under its respected Radmin® brand. The company follows a very successful strategy of providing maximum assistance to corporate helpdesks, system integrators and Value Added Resellers specializing in providing network services.

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