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Famatech Launches Radmin 3.0 Beta – Now The Fastest and Most Secure Remote Control Software on the Market


Boca Raton, FL May 12, 2006 – The leading company worldwide for systems remote administration - Famatech ( - has announced the beta release of the completely re-designed Radmin 3.0 ( The new release is the fastest and most affordable remote control solution available on the U.S. market - complete with the most rapid screen updates, military-grade security and newly added multi-user text and voice chat tools. Radmin 3.0 Beta is available for download at

“After years of research and development, we are pleased to present the most advanced remote control software on the open market today,” said Dmitry Kurashev, President of Famatech International Corporation. “Radmin 3.0 Beta features a new and unique technology innovation called Direct Screen Transfer which allows the product to surpass any remote control software in terms of speed, security and functional features - while maintaining the most attractive price point in the industry.”

The new version supports advanced 256-bit AES encryption for all sending and receiving data and a new authentication method based on Diffie-Hellman exchange with 2048 bit key size. The product seamlessly integrates with native Windows Security, NTLM/Kerberos and Active Directory support.

Another innovation is the implementation of secure multi-user text and voice chats to make this new version even more suitable for providing any level of helpdesk services. These features are very useful for intra-corporate communication.

“The Beta version of Radmin 3.0 was tremendously successful and was met with an outstanding demand when it initially debuted at CeBIT in Germany in March,” said Nicholas Yevglevski, Famatech’s Vice President. “The latest version of Radmin has exceeded our customers’ expectations. It’s a feature-rich product by which our competitors pale in comparison. We have vastly enhanced the mission-critical functionality of Radmin 3.0 Beta to the point our remote control software presently does not possess a peer.”

Famatech's North American sales headquarters are based in Boca Raton, FL. For more information or to order Radmin 3.0 Beta visit Media may arrange an interview with the President of Famatech International - Dmitry Kurashev – by contacting Ria Romano at 786-290-6413.

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