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Red Square Firm Crushes the Global Remote Control Software Competition with DirectScreenTransfer™ That Runs 20 Times Faster in the beta-version of all-New Radmin 3.0


Famatech International Corporation’s DirectScreenTransfer™ technology in the beta-version of all-new Radmin 3.0 remote control software runs 20 times faster than competitive products and significantly reduces CPU load on the remote computer.

Boca Raton, FL July 31, 2006 – Famatech International Corporation ( has unveiled DirectScreenTransfer™ their newest technology that makes Radmin 3.0 beta ( the fastest remote control software in the world. The main advantages of DirectScreenTransfer™ technology is that it receives screen changes instantly from Windows OS allowing Radmin 3.0 beta to run 20 times faster than the competition. The beta-version of Radmin 3.0 provides unparalleled speed, less traffic consumption, more effective data transmission, stability, and ease-of-use with Russian military-grade security.

“By implementing DirectScreenTransfer™ in the beta-version of new Radmin 3.0 the performance gap from our closest competitors is just immense,” said Dmitry Znosko, CEO of Famatech Corporation. “There are several software companies on the market which use similar approaches - such as a Video Hook Driver. However, the beta-version of Radmin 3.0 is unique in its use of a ‘mirror driver,’ which is fully integrated with Windows XP and Windows 2003 ‘switch user’ engine, allowing it to flawlessly transfer the desktop while users are switched on a remote computer.”

Radmin 3.0 beta operates based on the same method Windows updates the screen – updating only those parts of the screen that are changed. However until Radmin 3.0 beta, the most effective remote control software optimized algorithm for tracking changes and sending only that part of the screen that had truly changed. In addition, before the screen could be captured for tracking changes, it had to be sent by Windows drivers to the video RAM. The basic problems were algorithms consumed processor time and the interface from the video RAM was very slow.

Now, in order to receive Windows desktop updates more efficiently, Famatech has written a custom driver and integrated it into the new Radmin 3.0 beta system. This driver can pass information to remote control software that will subsequently transfer it back to the user and display remote screen changes. Such technology is called a “mirror driver” and Radmin’s implementation of this technology is the DirectScreenTransfer™ – providing speed 20 times faster than competing products and top accuracy with minimum CPU usage.

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