Radmin Quest

Radmin Quest

Congratulations to the winners of Radmin Quest!

Dear SpiceHeads, we are pleased to announce the results of the Radmin Quest, held from July 28 to 31, 2014 to celebrate SysAdmin Appreciation Day.

Andrew McPherson from the city of Sydney, Australia was selected at random from the rest of the participants to receive the WESTERN DIGITAL My Passport Ultra 2TB USB 3.0 Titanium external HDD.

"Thanks for running the competition. It was a lot of fun. The company I work for has been a long time user of the radmin remote control software and we have found it to be a reliable method of allowing our users and admin staff remote access to our computer equipment."

Radmin 3 standard licenses have been sent to all those SpiceHeads who successfully completed the Quest. If you have not received your Radmin 3 license, please contact us at support.radmin.com

Correct answers to the Quest tasks

Step 1. Determine the Computer Address

Find a consistent pattern in the two rows of numbers and guess missing numbers.

2 3 1 4 6 5
6 7 6 9 ? ?

To check whether you are right, try to connect to the computer via the following address:
server[missing numbers].radmin.com, using a free Radmin Viewer software. If the address is correct, the program will prompt you to enter a login and password.

Answer: The computer name is "server68.radmin.ru". The numbers in the top row denote days of the week based on their order, and the lower row consists of the number of letters in the name of each day.

2 Monday: 6 letters
3 Tuesday: 7 letters
1 Sunday: 6 letters
4 Wednesday: 9 letters
6 Friday: 6 letters
5 Thursday: 8 letters

Step 2. Guess the Login

Look at these images and guess the login to the Radmin Server installed on the remote computer.

Answer: The images show screenshots and fragments of the interfaces of computer games and programs. In order, from left to right: ICQ, Defrag, Duke Nukem, Quake, Doom. The login is made up of the first letters of these names in sequence. The resulting login, "iddqd", was widely known in the nineties as a password for Doom which granted the player absolute invulnerability.

Step 3. Guess the Password

Do you love your computer? Then take a listen to this song:

The password is hidden in the following sequence:

8/6; 6/9; 7/1; 3/3; 4/7; 3/7; 4/3; 2/8; 9/1; 8/2,

and the song is here to help you!

Answer: The password contained 10 characters and was encrypted in this sequence using "the book cipher". In the book cipher, each element of plaintext (each letter or word) is replaced with an indicator giving the location (for example, page, line and column number) of a similar element in an additional text which serves as the key. As participants could deduce, BAD RELIGION's excellent song "I love my computer" was the key for this code. To decrypt the password, take the song lyrics and select the characters according to the indicators provided: line number/column number, excluding spaces and punctuation marks. This gives the password: "superadmin" (10 characters).

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