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Full Desktop view of Remote Dual-Monitor display, Extend RAdmin across local dual displays while Remote Controlling PC with Extended Desktop on dualMonitors
I have a dual-display local PC and a remote dual-display PC. Both are extending the desktop across both monitors and have the same resolutions (1920x1080). When I establish a remote connection, i would like RAdmin to use both of my local monitors to display the entire dual-screen display of the remote machine.
Right now, it seems to just use the full screen of one of my local monitors. I can then scroll move the mouse across to see the other display of the remote PC.
Is this possible?

Using v3.5
Edited: jthomas - 20.09.2017 22:19:47
Hoping for the same functionality

Currently there is no way to get true full screen stretch on the client side if there are multiple monitors on the server (and the same number of monitors on the client) because Radmin Viewer can only maximize on one monitor, even if you use the "Fullscreen Stretch" option

Only way to really achieve desired functionality right now is to open multiple remote control sessions to the same host, set each session to display one of the several monitors, and then maximize those to full screen on the respective monitors on the viewer side.

Not the end of the world, but definitely a frustration that would be great to see improved in the next patch
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