Famatech Radmin 3 - Paid Upgrade

You should pay an upgrade fee to upgrade your old license key and get a new Radmin 3 license key.

The following steps explain the paid upgrade procedure:

Step 1:

Upgrade Fee Calculation


Click the "NEXT" button below. You will be prompted to enter your existing Remote Administrator 2.2 License Key. After that you will be redirected to the online payment system.

Note: The upgrade fee is calculated automatically depending on the number of your Remote Administrator 2.2 licenses according to our Upgrade Prices. If you want to upgrade more than one License Key you can return to this page, click the button and enter another key.

Step 2:

Upgrade Payment

  Pay for the upgrade. The appropriate upgrade payment will be already entered for you into the shopping cart. After paying for the upgrade you will receive notification from the billing company - element 5.

Step 3:

New Radmin 3 License Key Delivery

  Your payment will be verified by Famatech, and within 2 business days your new License Key will sent to the e-mail specified in your order.

ImportantIf you have Educational type of license, please fill in this form and your request will be processed manually.

If you are experiencing problems with payment procedure or have questions, please contact our support team using this form.

Upgrade Prices

Only Radmin Server 3 is licensed. One Radmin 3 license permits the use of Radmin Server 3 on a single remote computer. Radmin Viewer 3 is free of charge and can be used on any number of computers.

Remote Administrator 2.2 License

Radmin 3 License After Upgrade

Valid For

Upgrade Price,

1 Single license 2 Radmin 3 Standard licenses 2 remote PCs $13
per Radmin 3 license
25 Single licenses Radmin 3 50-license package 50 remote PCs $440
per Radmin 3 license package
50 Single Licenses package Radmin 3 100-license package 100 remote PCs $740
per Radmin 3 license package
100 Single Licenses package 200 Radmin 3 Volume licenses 200 remote PCs $6.6
per Radmin 3 license
200 Single Licenses package 400 Radmin 3 Volume licenses 400 remote PCs $6.0
per Radmin 3 license
200-499 Radmin 2.2 Volume licenses 400-998 Radmin 3 Volume licenses 400-998 remote PCs $6.0
per Radmin 3 license
500-4999 Radmin 2.2 Volume licenses 1000-9998 Radmin 3 Volume licenses 1000-9998 remote PCs $5.4
per Radmin 3 license
from 5000 Radmin 2.2 Volume licenses from 10000 Radmin 3 Volume licenses from 10000 remote PCs $5.1
per Radmin 3 license

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