Contest "Try your luck with Radmin"


The contest "Try your luck with Radmin" is over.

Thank you all for taking part in it!

The winner of the contest is Denis Gosselin, the analyst programmer from Quebec, Canada.

"What a surprise! I was hoping but I never thought I was going to win. I'm happy to see that your experts liked my answer 13, and very glad to win this wonderful prize. Radmin is by far, the world's best remote access software. I'm not afraid to recommend your excellent products. Well done for your hard teamwork and Long life to Radmin! ;)"

Denis has scored 100 points in the test and become Guru in System Administration. Moreover his answer to the last question has been chosen the best by our panel of experts.

How should sysadmins spend most of their time, and why?

Programming scripts for automation to avoid doing repetitive tasks.
Fight Software rot to avoid performance degradation over time.
Test data restoration to ensure that the backups are good.
Do exercises, "A healthy mind in a healthy body"!
Sleep, because it's also important!
And go out with girls and enjoy life, because there is more than doing the IT Support Guru!

Correct answers:

1. Which of the following programs displays information in the format below?


2. Name the city where Sysadmin Day was first celebrated?

a) Chicago
b) New York
c) Helsinki
d) Tallinn

3. A sysadmin needs to check the efficiency of a computer’s power supply. How can this be done without connecting to the motherboard?

a) Connect any two black wires
b) Connect any green wire with any black wire
c) Connect any two red wires
d) This cannot be done without using a voltmeter or connecting to the motherboard

4. Guess what’s shown in the photo:

a) Filing cabinet
b) Copper cooler radiator
c) Oil heater
d) Motherboard connector

5. Which does Radmin allow you to do?

a) Transfer files to and from the remote computer
b) Exchange text messages in real time
c) Alert the sysadmin with an audible warning if a user attempts to delete a Windows folder
d) Both a and b are correct

6. Which of the following cannot be a subnet mask?

d) Neither b nor c are correct

7. Which of the following statements is correct?

a) TCP uses UDP as a lower-level protocol
b) TCP provides a guarantee of delivery, whereas UDP does not
c) TCP can be used for transferring data from one network to another, whereas UDP can only be used on a local network
d) UDP uses TCP as a lower-level protocol

8. What is the ARP protocol used for?

a) Determining subnet masks
b) Obtaining IP addresses
c) Determining MAC-addresses
d) Obtaining gateway addresses

9. Radmin is a program for…

a) Easy one-click installation of programs
b) Collecting data about computer resources on a network
c) Remote access
d) Getting rid of computer viruses

10. Which of the following commands lets you view all the lines in a file.txt file, except blank lines?

a) grep - v ' ' file.txt
b) grep - v '^$' file.txt
c) grep '^' file.txt
d) grep -v '\n' file.txt

11. Shaper is mainly used for…

a) Limiting access speed to the Internet
b) Limiting access to specific network resources
c) Limiting access to specific computer files
d) Monitoring traffic

12. If virus penetration of a corporate network is suspected, the sysadmin must…

a) Put on a protective face mask and look for the health insurance policy
b) Cut off Internet access to negligent users to teach them a lesson
c) Update antivirus programs and thoroughly check local and network computers, as well as external drives
d) Find and punish all guilty parties

Contest terms and conditions:

  1. In order to take part in the contest, participants must complete the form and answer the test questions.
  2. Answers will be accepted from 29 July to 12 August 2011.
  3. First prize is a 1TB external hard drive.
  4. Every tenth participant, as long as they score at least 26 (twenty-six) points in the test, will get a free Radmin 3 license.
  5. The winner of the First prize will be chosen by a panel of experts. The winner will be determined according to the number of points scored in answer to the questions on the test and evaluation of the answer given to question 13.
  6. Contest results will be announced on 19 August 2011. All winners will be notified via the e-mail address they specified on the registration form.
  7. Communication with the winners will be conducted via the e-mail address they specified on the form. Should the winner fail to respond within one week, Famatech has the right to choose another winner.
  8. Famatech will send the first prize to the address specified by the winner.
  9. Prizes are not transferable or convertible to cash.
  10. Employees of Famatech, as well as friends and relatives of Famatech employees are not allowed to take part in the contest.
  11. Participants may complete the entry form on or only once.
  12. By registering for the contest you agree to receive contest information and e-mails from Famatech.
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