Radmin Quest

Radmin Quest

Congratulations to the winners of Radmin Quest!

Dear SysAdmins, We are pleased to announce the results of the Radmin Quest, held from July 31 to August 04 to celebrate SysAdmin Appreciation Day.

Kirill Smirnov from the city of Yaroslavl was the first to complete the quest, winning the ultimate prize: an SSD Kingston SV300S37A 240 GB!

Kirill shared his impressions about the quest: "July 31, I went as usual to work, made myself comfortable and began to check the logs on the servers. Along the way, sipping coffee and reading IT news, I suddenly came across a post about the Radmin Quest. Job moved aside (holiday too!). I plunged into IT adventure. Logic suggested the correct address of the server. Practice in computer hardware disassembly helped to define login. Brain offered hundreds of possible answers to the riddles, puzzles of password. After a few hours of brainstorming, I was lucky to connect and to get the secret key! It turned out I sent the first private key. Hooray! Victory! I am very glad that I won. Thank you for this cool quest!"

Fabio Valentim from the city of Recife, Brazil was selected at random from the rest of the participants to receive the WESTERN DIGITAL My Passport Ultra 1TB external HDD. "To find out ip address was really easy but, to guess the password... it was very hard for me but racking brain I could guess. To discover the login wasn't so hard, because I know HD parts, I just needed to find what letters reference matches with the manufacturer!" – said Fabio Valentim.

Despite numerous attempts to connect, only a few dozen participants managed to complete the Quest and fulfil all of the terms and conditions of the contest. They will receive a single Radmin 3 standard license.

Correct answers to the Quest tasks

Step 1. Determine the Computer Address

Look at the picture and try to determine the numbers on the hidden sides of the cube calendar.

The product of these numbers is the missing part of the address of the computer. To check whether you are right, try to connect to the computer via the following address: server[the product of the numbers].radmin.com, using free Radmin Viewer software. If the address is correct, the program will prompt you to enter a login and password.

The visible numbers on the faces of the first cube are 3 and 0. Therefore, 1,2,4,5 must stand on its invisible faces. The remaining four numbers - 6, 7, 8 and 9 - should stand on the faces of the second cube. But three faces of the second cube are occupied by numbers 1, 0 (visible on the picture) and 2 (should be on one of the hidden faces). The puzzle would be insoluble if the number 6 cannot be used twice in the "direct" form - as 6 and in the "inverted" - as 9. Thus, the hidden faces of the second cube should contain 2, 6 (aka 9), 7 and 8. We take the product of these numbers - 1 * 2 * 4 * 2 * 5 * 6 * 7 * 8 * 9 = 241920 - and get the name of the computer - «server241920.radmin.ru».

Step 2. Share the Quest

Share the Quest via your social network accounts; you will need it to fill out the form.


Increase your chances of winning the WD My Passport Ultra! Two friends joining through your link double your chance to win the runner-up prize!

Step 3. Guess the Login

Look at this image and guess the manufacturer of the device, the part of which is shown on the image. This name will be the login to the Radmin Server installed on the remote computer.

The image shows magnets from Seagate hard drive.
Most of you easily guessed the device, part of which was shown. And the major manufacturers of hard drives can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Step 4. Guess the Password

The password is hidden in the following puzzle. How quickly can you find it?

I am the code, which travels online
With the speed of dazzling sunshine.
I can be analog, digital, and discrete
I convey information, I can be send and received.

I am part of an e-mail address,
Any emotion I can express
Even the currencies I indicate
Guess who I am – hurry, don’t wait!

Some of us work from user stories, others from requirements,
If we are lucky, we have resources and environments!
I check the performance, write bug reports
Provide development process support.

I forward data packets along computer networks
I am the gateway, can build any route
Need WiFi? Here I am – I am cute!

In any network, I am the most important,
Sysadmin should maintain me properly.
The firm’s work stops without me,
Computers are my family!

I help your far away friends to see
Even without leaving your PC
In the world, I open the door.
I am not just a device – I am something more!

The password contained of six characters and was encrypted in a type of word puzzle, acrostic. The numbered strophes offered to guess 6 riddles. All words-responses consisted of 6 characters. They should have been arranged vertically. Cater-cornered letters formed the encrypted password. Also, you could guess the password by choosing the letters in responses in accordance with the number of the strophe. This gives the password: "system".

1. signal - [s]
2. symbol - [y]
3. tester - [s]
4. router - [t]
5. server - [å]
6. webcam - [m]

Step 5. Connect to the Remote Computer

Run Radmin Viewer and try to connect to the remote computer in a View Only mode. Enter the login and password. If you enter the correct login and password, you'll see the remote computer screen and the secret key.

Step 6. Send the Secret Key to Us

The Quest is over. Results will come soon.

Terms & conditions for participating in the Radmin Quest

  1. The tasks for the Quest have been published on the following webpage: www.radmin.com/sysadminday2015. If you guess the correct answers, you will be able to connect to the remote computer on which Radmin Server has been installed, using free Radmin Viewer software in a View Only mode. The remote computer screen displays a key which changes with time.
  2. To take part, between July 31 and August 04, 2015, you need to do the following:
    1. Complete the Quest tasks by yourself
    2. Obtain the key as described above
    3. Share the Quest online and provide the link
    4. Submit your entry by filling out the form on the Quest webpage.
  3. Only one entry per participant is permitted. To complete the form, you will need to provide:
    1. Your first and last name
    2. Your country and city
    3. Contact e-mail address
    4. The secret key
    5. A link to a page where you shared the Quest
  4. Every participant who fulfills all the terms and conditions will receive a single Radmin 3 standard license.
  5. The participant who is first to fill out the form and provide the correct key will win the ultimate prize: a Kingston SV300S37A 240 Gb SSD.
  6. A runner-up prize – a WESTERN DIGITAL My Passport Ultra 1.0 TB external HDD - will be randomly awarded to one participant who has successfully completed the Quest.
  7. Participants can increase their chances of winning the runner-up prize by inviting friends! Every participant can increase their chances of winning the runner-up prize by inviting friends! Two friends joining through your link double your chances to win the runner-up prize!
  8. Once the results are in, all participants will be notified via the e-mail address they have provided on their entry form.
  9. Winners will be announced and will have one week to respond and claim their prizes. In the event the that the 1st place prize is not claimed, it will be awarded to the second participant who successfully completed the Quest. In the event that the runner-up prize is not claimed, an alternate winner will be randomly selected from those who have successfully completed the Quest.
  10. No monetary equivalents will be offered.
  11. Participants must provide accurate personal details and may not disclose the correct answers to the Quest tasks.
  12. Famatech employees, their friends and relatives are not permitted to participate in the Quest.
  13. By participating in the Quest, the User confirms that he or she has read and accepted the terms and conditions of the competition.
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