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Famatech Affiliate Partner Program


Famatech Affiliate Program

How does it work?


When a customer on your web site clicks on affiliate link or banner, oneNetworkDirect generates a cookie containing your affiliate ID. If that customer returns to our Web site at a later date to buy the product, oneNetworkDirect will be able to determine by the cookie on the customer's computer that this customer was originally directed to this web site by way of your site. You will receive the commission from us for the completed sale, even at the later date.

How do I become an Affiliate?


Step 1: Become a Famatech Affiliate:

Famatech uses the Digital River's oneNetworkDirect affiliate network. If you don't have an oneNetworkDirect affiliate account just Sign Up and you will receive your Affiliate ID and password. Use them to log into your account.

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If you already have an oneNetworkDirect affiliate account simply join Famatech affiliate program (program name is "RADMIN - Remote Control Software").

Step 2: Promote Radmin on your website:

Get advertising materials with affiliate links from your oneNetworkDirect affiliate account and promote Radmin on your website to increase your sales!

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Done! Now all you need to do is collect your cash!

What is the Famatech Affiliate Partner Program?


The Famatech Affiliate Partner Program gives you an opportunity to earn money through Famatech software sales coming through your website.

Suppose you have a popular web site with thousands of visitors daily. Probably one of your site's topics is IT in General, or there is a specific focus like network management, helpdesk support or communications. Possibly you've got some Internet media resource. Your customers might be interested in getting acquainted with high quality software products listed on your web pages. You can very likely recommend Radmin software simply because it addresses some of the needs experienced by many of your customers.

Why should I become a Famatech Affiliate Partner?


Radmin is the award-winning remote control software. It's in demand by vastly different types of users. There are other products having a comparable list of features, however:

  • Radmin ranks higher in any search engine than every other product from this niche.
  • Radmin is a very easy-to-sell product. Just put correct affiliate links on your website and collect your money.

What are the commission rates?


The commission rates we offer depend on the click through rate from your site and the sales level. If you just put the link on your website it's enough to become a Silver Affiliate (20% commission). If you do more, you could very likely become a Gold or Premium Affiliate.

Commission Affiliate Status
20% Silver
25% Gold
30% Premium

Calculate your own income

When do I get paid?


oneNetworkDirect transfers payments to your account on a monthly basis. You'll be receiving an e-sales Payment Report by e-mail at the end of each month. Payment options: Check or Direct deposit.

How can I check the status of my sales?


oneNetworkDirect provides an exciting feature where you can check the status of your sales on-line in real-time 24 hours a day from your affiliate account.

What will happen if my sales increase?


In that case we may contact you and offer a better co-operation condition and a higher commission.

What site will succeed the most?


We carefully review our Affiliate's websites to ensure the most effective placing of links to our product. We monitor these sites with care to avoid customer misinformation. An important criterion is Affiliate site popularity. It is unlikely that pages with fewer than a hundred daily visitors will generate much traffic. So we do our best to ensure that our affiliate accounts are successful.

Are there any restrictions for registering as a Famatech Affiliate?


We do not work with individuals or companies with sites involved in illegal or criminal activities, pornography, or violation of intellectual property rights.

Any questions?


Please contact us using our Feedback Form.

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